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The Region bounded by three borders Local Gastronomic Specialities

Fried carp

The region bounded by three borders has numerous of small lakes where traditionally carp are reared. A regional jewel, the carp is seasoned then coated with wheatmeal batter and then fried. A symbolic recipe of the south of Alsace, fried carp is served with a pièce of lemon, steamed potatoes or chips, a green salad and of course a glass of Riesling. It can be eaten with your fingers!

The asparagus and the Asparagus Guild at Village-Neuf

Every spring, gourmets gather to appreciate the Alsacian asparagus, a local speciality eaten since the 5th Century and cultivated on a large scale since 1830.

The valley of the Rhine is the perfect environment for this simple, fresh and elegant vegetable: sandy ground with fine clay, lots of sunshine and low rainfall.

In Village-Neuf, the members of the Asparagus Guild sing the praises of this noble vegetable so loved by Alsacians, traditionally served with mayonnaise and smoked ham.

The restaurants of the region also offer all the Alsacian specialities, based on fish, game and water fowl, numerous throughout the region.