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Wine and gastronomy Must-sees

The very best of Alsatian gastronomy and wine

Alsace invites you to discover its wines and its traditional gastronomy. We have selected a number of noteworthy addresses and activities for you, to enable you to discover all the taste of our legendary gastronomic heritage including a meal in a winstub, wine tasting in a wine cellar and wine festivals, etc. Alsace offers a multitude of flavours for your dining pleasure !

Sundgau is not only a pleasant, relaxing place to visit, but also has its gourmet treats. You cannot pass through without tasting its authentic cuisine made with the very best local produce. Around 30 restaurant owners in Sundgau, are eager to share their traditional know-how and together have founded the "Sundgau, Fried Carp Route...

Alsacian Winstubs, the ancestors of wine bars or inns, have kept over time, their atmosphere where human warmth prevails. The story reports that these inns were contemporary to the construction of the Strasbourg Cathedral. Winstubs are restaurants where the rustic decor is in harmony with the traditional food and regional specialities such...

The Alsace Wine Route wanders through the hills of vineyards over 170 kilometres at the foot of the eastern slopes of the Vosges. Who has never heard someone talk emotionally about Alsacian wines, great white wines which have won over connoisseurs worldwide, topping the tables of the finest parties? If you stroll along the Alsace Wine Route,...

Ramblers can eat in the many farmhouse inns of the Valley, which serve products from surrounding farms, in order to respect the environment (water and waste management, respect for seasonal produce and landscape)... The opportunity to recharge one’s batteries close to producers, in a protected natural setting. Farmhouse inns are places...

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Do you know how spirits and eau-de-vie are made? The Eau-de-vie Museum in Lapoutroie will explain everything to you. Located in a former 18th-century post-house, it houses a unique collection of some 300 bottles of liqueurs and eau-de-vie made in France in the 1950s. The collection also includes posters and 5000 miniature bottles and carafes...