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The Vosges Mountains La gastronomie traditionnelle

Munster cheese

Originally, this traditional cheese was made in the Benedictine monasteries of Munster as early as the 7th century, in order to preserve milk.

The star of the valley, this round soft cheese made ​​from cow's milk, with a very strong character, is usually eaten on a slice of bread, with a few cumin seeds, or melted on sautéed potatoes, with a glass of Gewurztraminer.

You can also enjoy eating bibalaskas, a mixture of cream cheese, garlic and chives served on backed potatoes.

The Marcairies

Originally, marcairies were small farms in the high stubble where farmers and their cattle used to live in summer.

Nowadays, they are farmhouse inns, where hikers can peacefully enjoy the famous "marcaire meal", which typically consists of soup, traditional pie of the Valley, Roïgabrageldis (potatoes, onions and bacon), smoked pork, and Munster cheese.

For dessert, the Siesskas is a delicious fromage frais fresh of the day with fresh cream, sugar and kirsch.

Farmhouse inns

Ramblers can eat in the many farmhouse inns of the Valley, which serve products from nearby farms, in order to respect the environment (water management and waste, respect for seasonal produce and landscape). .. The opportunity to recharge one’s batteries close to producers, in a protected natural setting.

Farmhouse inns are places to eat and/or stay, located on working farms. Farmhouse inns are usually located in mountain areas, in the same natural environment as the farm in the country. The association of farmhouse-inns of the Upper-Rhine was founded in 1971 on the principle of dual activity (agriculture and tourism), thus creating a new agro-tourism concept. The association established its own charter in 1992, revised in 2001, in order to adapt to changing consumer expectations, it notably takes into account the welcome, the produce, the menus, the setting and the environment.