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Wine festivals

During the summertime, wine festivals are held in a number of villages located along the Alsatian Wine Route. They provide the perfect opportunity to get together as a family or among friends in a warm and lively atmosphere. Discover them today!

Discovering the wines of Alsace

Mainly organised in July and August, the wine festivals provide an ideal opportunity to meet winegrowers and to discover the legendary Alsatian Wine Route. During these festivals, the winegrowers open their wineries to the public and invite you to taste the finest Alsatian vintages. With their golden or cherry-coloured hue and their floral or fruity aromas, Alsatian wines offer a delicate and mouth-watering experience.

Fête du vin Alsace

The wine festivals are also synonymous with communal fun and good company: tables are laid out in the streets and courtyards to savour the gourmet specialities of a region whose exquisite flavours perfectly match those of the wines they accompany. The focus is on sharing and generosity during the wine festivals in Alsace: this is the ideal opportunity to get together as a family or among friends to relax, chat and joke in a friendly and festive atmosphere.

No end of folklore and traditions waiting to be discovered

The wine festivals also give pride of place to the abundant traditions and folklore which contribute to the region's overall charm. Traditional music and dances further add to the happy atmosphere to be enjoyed in the picturesque streets of Alsace’s villages. Your feet will soon start tapping as you watch the festival-goers dancing to the music of the local folk groups! During these joyous festivities, you can also admire the many traditional costumes and headdresses sported by the fleet-footed dancers.

Danse folklorique - Fête du Vin Alsace

As highlights of the summer period, the wine festivals are just some of the many not-to-be missed events held throughout the year in Alsace! Many villages have forged an enviable reputation for their festive and friendly events. Join us soon to discover the unique atmosphere of these summer events!

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