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The Gastronomy Festival, from 21 to 23 September 2018

French gastronomy is alive. Listed as UNESCO intangible heritage, it has always been a social glue uniting the French during meals. It’s a significant part of French history and culture, so why not celebrate it?

The Gastronomy Festival offers the opportunity to (re)discover the treasures of the French culinary heritage. It highlights gastronomy from every angle, from the product itself to the taste you savour. It’s a large social event where the general public and gastronomy professionals are able to meet.

Both a large gathering of talents and a set of smaller, intimate events, the national Gastronomy Festival is an annual social celebration which this year will focus on “Taste in all its senses”.

In Alsace, more than 50 especially selected events will convey the richness and diversity of French gastronomy, products, sectors and companies, without forgetting local celebrations and lively traditions like the transhumance or the vin nouveau. Among the events: a gastronomic village, gourmet strolls with tasting sessions and demonstrations, cooking shows with an array of cooks (including starred chefs), a massive Sunday brunch, highlighting cheap cuts of local butchers’, understanding how pretzels are made, family choucrouterie, meeting brewers, street food festivals, going through the history of culinary heritage, unusual approaches to get to know Alsatian wines and becoming “wine harvester for a day” or trying a Qi gong session in the vineyards...

There will be a lot going on to awaken all of our senses: taste, touch, sight, sound and smell!

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