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Not-to-be-missed summer festivals in Alsace

The first rays of sunshine herald the return of the festival season in Alsace! This year's events include a host of big names, plenty to discover, eclectic musical line-ups and music-loving festival-goers! Don't delay! Come along and discover Alsace's best festivals!

Artefacts, the most contemporary

While awaiting the summer, let's head over to Strasbourg to visit Artefacts, Alsace's largest contemporary music festival! For 10 days, more than 40 artists perform in the Zénith and Laiterie districts, bringing you a festival in which all musical styles are represented. Over the years, the Artefacts festival has constantly expanded its musical repertoire and has gradually established itself as a major event! The musical scene from the region is also given pride of place during this festival with "Scènes d’Ici".

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Festival des Artefacts - Strasbourg

Décibulles, the coolest

In the leafy setting of the Val de Villé, the Décibulles festival stands out as Alsace's largest open-air event! In the middle of July, this festival offers a complete range of musical styles and an exciting combination of genres for a prestigious event programme bringing you international and national stars in addition to local groups. This novel concept adds a musical dimension to summer with a pure party spirit! An event which has now become a "must" on eastern France's cultural scene.

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The Colmar International Festival, the most dazzling

And now for a total change of genre as we head for the Colmar International Festival! Listed among Europe's top 10 festivals by the New-York Times, the world-renowned Colmar International Festival celebrates classical music in style! Enthusiasm, originality and artistic excellence are the watchwords of this festival. Each year, Colmar is brought to life by the exquisite sounds of some of the most brilliant performers from the current classical music scene joined by rising stars. Prepare to be surprised, give in to curiosity and be sure not to miss this exciting musical adventure.

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Festival International Colmar

The Nuits Electroniques de l’Ososphère, the best of the electro scene

A multidisciplinary festival focusing on digital culture, the Nuits Electroniques de l’Ososphère are the high point of the autumn season in Strasbourg! During the last weekend in September, around 30 artists perform on former industrial sites around the European capital, bringing you a wide overview of the contemporary electro-music scene. Enjoy the light shows, the constant buzz and the sheer vibration of this event as you take a dip in the electro-ocean until late into the night!

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The Alsace Wine Fair Festival, the most eclectic

Definitely a "must-see" feature in summertime, the Alsace Wine Fair festival brings you an event programme full of surprises! Over the space of 10 days, Alsace's performance venues are brought to life with several shows featuring a line-up including many leading artists! Combined with the wine fair, this highly original concept makes this event a marvellous opportunity to celebrate both music and Alsace's legendary wines!

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The Musica Festival, the most contemporary

To enjoy all the atmosphere of the Indian summer, we invite you to discover Musica, a prestigiousfestival devoted to contemporary music. Over a period of 15 days, more than 30 events bring you a variety of contemporary work from the 20th and 21st centuries. A not-to-be-missed event which each year gives pride of place to both emerging talent and established artists. Whether curious amateurs or musical connoisseurs, anyone can join the throng of spectators at Musica to discover this leading festival dedicated to contemporary music in France.

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