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Autumn pleasures in Alsace

After the summer, Alsace is bathed in warm colours, its landscapes offering an explosion of red and gold. Autumn is a time of year offering so much to do. To help you get the most from it we bring you our selection of activities to be discovered throughout the region!

Spend a day as a harvester

In the early Autumn, the harvest season is underway in Alsace. During your stay, you can become a harvester for a day along the Alsatian Wine Route. Equipped with your trusty secateurs, you'll learn exactly what to do while at the same time enjoying the friendly atmosphere of the Alsatian harvests. This unique moment of sharing and camaraderie traditionally ends with wine tasting and a chance to discover the winemaking process.

Take part in the harvests as a tourist!

Vendanges touristiques en Alsace

Visit the museum

Whatever the time of year, Alsace will surprise you with one of its many museums. Whether contemporary, technical or historical, whatever your tastes there's a museum just right for you in Alsace! This fun outing offers a marvellous opportunity to discover the sheer richness of the collections exhibited in our museums! Discover them today!

Visit the museum

Sampling grands crus in a wine cellar

The Autumn is the ideal occasion to sample the grands crus of Alsace in a typical Alsatian village. Whether you're an experienced connoisseur or a beginner, you'll have fun discovering the secrets of Alsatian wine in a friendly atmosphere. The winegrowers are only too happy to share their passion for wine with you. The harvest period is the occasion to sample the new wine, often accompanied with bacon pieces, bread or walnuts.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. Consume in moderation.

Alsace Wine Fair

Bouteilles de vins d'Alsace

Discover our heritage days

Every year, the European Heritage Days provide a chance to discover the region's heritage. Over the space of a weekend in September, many sites are open to the public for visits. More than 300 sites including architectural, civil or religious masterpieces, industrial or agricultural buildings, parks, gardens or archaeological sites are open to help you discover the diversity and quality of Alsace's heritage.

Discover our heritage days

Hiking in the forests

In the Autumn, Alsace's generous natural environment offers a genuine explosion of colour! Whether on foot, by bicycle or horseback, enjoy a walk or ride in the forest to admire the warm autumn hues of the plants and trees. This is also the ideal occasion to collect mushrooms and to fill your basket with delicious chestnuts. The kids can collect leaves to make their own herbarium and to learn more about nature.

Walking in Alsace

Randonnée en forêt durant l'automne

Enjoy the friendly atmosphere of a winstub

The moment the cool weather sets in, you'll certainly appreciate regional specialities such as sauerkraut and baeckeofe. Visit one of the many winstubs throughout the region to taste these traditional dishes! They offer the perfect place to sample the authentic Alsatian art of living in a country bistro atmosphere. A hearty meal awaits you there, to be enjoyed in a friendly welcoming atmosphere!

Enjoy a meal in a winstub

Relax in a spa

Before winter, relax and unwind in one of the many Alsatian spas. Over the space of a weekend or for several days, enjoy a moment of sheer pampering and relaxation. The swimming pools, whirlpool baths or massages offer maximum well-being and tranquillity.

Relax in Alsace’s spas

Massage - Spas en Alsace

Learn all about pottery in Alsace

During the autumn season, a trip to northern Alsace is a 'must' to discover Betschdorf and Soufflenheim, both towns synonymous with Alsatian pottery. As a well-known local craft, pottery is an inherent part of the region's culture. Set off to discover the craftsmen, to admire their workshops and to learn the secrets of their art. Before leaving, make the most of your trip to acquire an outstanding kougelhof mould or a baeckeofe dish. There's something for every taste!

Discover the pottery workshops