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Aim high in Alsace

Heading ever higher, getting acquainted at first hand with the tree tops and looking out over the world, standing so small at your feet... Who could ask for more? In Alsace, you'll find many "high points" (in both the literal and figurative senses) offering panoramic views from amazing vantage points. Ready for an uphill hike? Aim high for a top stay in Alsace!

Between 3 and 6 metres – A tree house in Aubure

Discover Alsace's highest district in the Vosges range for a high-altitude stay in the region! Relaxing in one of the tree houses in the Domaine des Hauts de Ribeauvillé, you can really appreciate the peaceful atmosphere of the pine and fir forest. Elsewhere in Alsace, other tree houses and cabins look forward to welcoming nature lovers for a forest themed stay. Choose from among the Goutty cabins in Grandfontaine or those of the Arche de Noé in Keskastel.

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7 Meter – Auf der Lauer nach Störchen auf einer Beobachtungsplattform in Hunawihr

At the otter reintroduction centre you won't only find mammals: the park is also permanently home to a colony of around 150 wild storks. From a platform at a height of 7 m you can watch these superb birds, living symbols of Alsace, in conditions as close as possible to their natural environment. You can admire the way they fly, their skilful nest-building techniques or, if you're lucky, you may see them feeding their young!

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At 35 metres – At the top of the Extreme Tower in the Parc Alsace Aventure at Breitenbach

Enjoy all the thrills of the open air at the Breitenbach Adventure Park when you reach the top of the Extreme Tower. It offers an amazing panoramic view over the Val de Villé, in the heart of the Champ du Feu range. Are you feeling a shiver up the backbone? That'll be the sheer beauty of the view unfolding before you, unless it's from one of the two exciting activities proposed here. Can we tempt you with a vertical net race or a ropejump? A giant spiral slide awaits the thrill seekers among you. Excitement and adrenaline rushes are the order of the day here!

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At 35 metres – At the Aérobar du Buveur in the Parc du Petit Prince at Ungersheim

For those nostalgic for the days of l'Aéropostale (the French Air Mail service), mad about astronomy or dreamers with their heads in the cloud, we've something special for you! Are you ready for take off? We're heading for the Parc du Petit Prince, the world's first ever park devoted to this endearing little character created by Antoine de Saint Exupéry. Immerse yourself in a fairy tale world where more than 30 attractions are guaranteed to delight young and old alike. For an unbeatable view across the Alsatian plain, the Vosges range and the Black Forest, drop in for a drink at the Aérobar du Buveur (Drinkers' Aerobar), suspended at an altitude of 35 metres. It'll quench your thirst and take your breath away!

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At 66 metres – up on the platform at Notre Dame de Strasbourg cathedral

Gigantic yet delicate, Strasbourg Cathedral rises proudly in the Alsatian capital's historical city centre. Although the high point of the building stands at a towering 142 m, the cathedral's platform can be reached via 332 steps, for those keen to admire the amazing view across the city. You can take in the rooftops of the houses and buildings, follow the route of the canals and narrow cobbled streets, and watch the comings and goings of Strasbourg's inhabitants as they make their way through the city, by bicycle, on the tram or in boats on the river Ill.

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At 753 metres – At the summit of Mont Sainte-Odile

A major spiritual site, Mont Sainte-Odile takes its name from a charitable abbess who lived at the convent which stands on the rocky headland. Today, this site still welcomes pilgrims but also walkers and hikers. The natural environment, a combination of sandstone and forests, is also the starting point for the pilgrim trails running from Alsace to Santiago de Compostela. Up on Mont Sainte-Odile we also find a particularly enigmatic and mystical site, the Pagan Wall, which even to this day intrigues many archaeologists.

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At 940 metres – To discover Alsace's castles

The castle of Haut-Koenigsbourg is the "high point" of any visit to Alsace for tourism purposes! This superbly restored castle overlooks the Alsatian plain at an altitude of 757 metres. This fortress enjoys an amazing panoramic view. In clear weather you can even see the Alps. Although the Haut-Koenigsbourg is Alsace's best-known castle, the highest is actually the castle of Hohnack, at an altitude of 940 metres. Today in ruins, it overlooks the leafy Munster valley. There are also many other sites to be discovered. Alsace is one of the European regions with the most mediaeval castles to its name!

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Up to 1 200 metres – For exciting downhill snow and grass sports at the Lac Blanc resort

Located in the heart of the Kaysersberg valley, the Lac Blanc resort is a paradise for sports lovers whatever the time of year! In winter, you can hurtle down the slopes by ski or snowboard and try out your jumps in the resort's freestyle area. Try out all your moves with total peace of mind: a freestyle airbag will stop you safely. In the summer, you'll really appreciate the terrain in the Vosges hills with some amazing downhill cycling fun at the Bike Park. Several routes await you along the 7 slopes and their variants for some exciting downhill action.

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At 1 424 metres – On Alsace's rooftop at the peak of the Grand Ballon des Vosges

The high point of the Vosges range, the Grand Ballon offers a panoramic view unique of its kind and many possibilities for hiking. You can easily reach the Grand Ballon's summit from the Route des Crêtes (Peak Route). Originally created for strategic and communication purposes, this route connects the different peaks of the Vosges range, keeping as close to the summit line as possible. From Cernay to Sainte-Marie-Aux-Mines, as you travel this tourist route you can admire the landscapes comprised of stubble fields, lakes and passes in the Vosges range. Head there today for a lungful of fresh air!

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With your head in the clouds - Take to the air to explore the Alsatian skies

Whether in a hot-air balloon, by paraglider or in a microlight, Alsace is truly amazing when viewed from up in the air. At a single glance, you can fully appreciate the outstanding diversity of the Alsatian landscapes including the vineyards on the leafy hillsides, the mediaeval towns and villages along the Alsatian Wine Route, the foothills and peaks of the Vosges or the forests and plains extending out to the horizon and offering a spectacular sight. We look forward to seeing you up there for a magical moment you'll never forget in the Alsatian skies!

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