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Visiting Alsace... with a rucksack

It’s settled! You are going to the Alsace as you would go on an adventure, with your rucksack. No doubt you will find the activities which suit you by following our suggestions.

The Vineyard footpaths of the Alsace Wine Route

The charming and renowned Alsace Wine Route covers 170 km. From North to South, there are magnificent villages and vineyard footpaths, which are great places to go for walks.  For instance, when the weather is nice, you may catch a glimpse of the silhouette of the Strasbourg Cathedral from the village of Marlenheim or the village Thann that offers a trail through the grand cru Rangen.

 Discovering Murbach Abbey

Leave from Guebwiller and head for Murbach abbey, a gem of Romanesque art. At the hollow of a valley is lodged this building, remarkable due to its two large pink sandstone towers and their pointed roofs.  Surrounded by greenery, the building is so imposing that it is a spectacular sight. Baroque art enthusiasts will continue their walk by going to the very close Notre-Dame-de-Lorette.

The Smugglers’ Path

Alsace also owes its reputation from its tormented past. In June 1940, Nazi Germany annexed it. The Vosges thus became the place of continuous clandestine activities. In the Bruche Valley, by following the 12 km of the Smugglers’ Path, you will bring back to life this turbulent past and follow the steps of brave Resistance fighters.

The Pagan Wall

The Pagan Wall is unquestionably one of the marvels you really must discover in Alsace. Made out of large blocks of stone pilled onto each other, the wall is 10 km long and almost 3 m high in places! Its presence is a mystery. It has been the object of many mystic legends and reveries, reinforced by the presence of Merovingian tombs called tumuli. Maybe the Mont Saint-Odile nearby also adds to this unusual atmosphere.