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How to get to Alsace

By train

Make the most of the best offers to come to Alsace thanks to the SNCF’s (French railway company) discounts. Whether you travel regularly or not and regardless of your age, you are bound to find a suitable offer.

For more information on prices, the stations served and timetables, go onto the website voyages-sncf.

To prepare your trip with the TER Alsace regional rail services visit the website vialsace

By plane

Alsace has two major international airports: Basel-Mulhouse airport in the Upper-Alsace and Strasbourg airport in the Lower-Alsace. Numerous national and international airlines offer daily services to and from the Alsatian airports.

Basel-Mulhouse airport

Strasbourg airport

By boat

How about travelling to Alsace by boat? Waterborne tourism offers visitors many opportunities to discover the region from a whole new angle.

You can travel to Alsace via three excellent canals: the Marne-Rhine canal and the Sarre Canal in the north, and the Rhone-Rhine canal to the south.

The Rhone-Rhine canal

This canal offers a marvellous trip of approximately 200 km through the impressive landscape between Dôle and Mulhouse. During your journey, you'll encounter a number of outstanding canal structures including locks, tunnels and aqueducts. You can complete the entire journey within a week, during a trip which takes in the towns of Dôle – Besançon – Baume-les-Dames – Montbéliard – Belfort and Mulhouse. A new canal link between Strasbourg and Colmar is currently in the process of being created, thanks to the reopening of a 24 km section between Artzenheim and Friesenheim.

The Marne-Rhine canal

With its forests and lakes, the landscape around the canal is simply outstanding. On your way you'll see a number of monuments including castles and windmills. When you arrive in Alsace you will be using the Arzviller lift with its tunnel and inclined plane, a feature unique of its kind in Europe! The boat lift carries boats and canal barges from the upper to the lower canal, travelling up a 41% slope for a distance of 128 metres. The Marne-Rhine canal crosses Alsace and Lorraine for a distance of 152 km including 58 locks, travelling via Nancy, Lagarde and Saverne.