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Horse riding in Alsace

Alsace offers an outstanding environment for riders! Riding through the forests and vineyards discovering the fauna and flora on horseback, by pony or in a horse and cart are just some of the ways to enjoy an equestrian adventure in Alsace. What's more, many gîtes and equestrian centres are pleased to welcome riders and their steeds. Trotting, walking or galloping… Alsace is a great place to experience on horseback !

Tours in the Suisse d’Alsace

Ten different one-day hikes of 15 to 30 km through the Suisse d’Alsace.

The circuit is ideal for family hiking. Starting at the bottom of the rich agricultural slopes of the Kochersberg, you will slowly climb up to the green landscapes, reminiscent of Swiss smoothness. Along the route, you may see fir trees, spruces, red sandstone castles, gites with friendly welcomes. Take your time, you are in the Suisse d’Alsace.


Name Length Duration Download
Oberhaslach -> La Hoube -> Stambach 23-35 km 6 to 8h00 Download
Stambach -> Ernolsheim 24 km 5h00 Download
Wangen -> Oberhaslach 15 km 2h30 Download
Wintzenheim -> Oberhaslach 25 km 5h00 Download
Wintzenheim -> Stambach 24 km 4h30 Download
Wintzenheim -> Wangen 9 km 2h00 Download

The circuits des cigognes, between vineyards and mountains, from Colmar to the Lac Blanc

20 to 30 km leg, from 3 to 6 days

This tour will have you discover the gastronomic richness of Alsace.  Leaving from the entertwined hillocks covered with vines, and slowly, taking beautiful paths winding along the contour lines, you will cross the stubble where the delicious Munster cheese is produced. At the end: splendid panoramas of the crests of the Vosges, the Lac Blanc and the Lac Noir at a height of 1,000 metres await you.

Nom du circuit Kilomètres Durée Télécharger
Aubure -> Orbey 31 km 7h Download
Guémar -> Aubure 25 km 5h Download
Guémar -> Wintzenheim 27 km 5h Download
Metzeral -> Wintzenheim 36 km 8h Download
Orbey -> Wintzenheim 21 km 5h Download
Orbey -> Guémar 38 km 8h Download
Orbey, circuit des Lacs de la Crête 25 km 6h Download
Orbey -> Metzeral 28 km 5h Download
Sundhoffen -> Wintzenheim 25 km 5h Download
Sundhoffen -> Guémar 21 km 4h Download
Sundhoffen, circuit de la poche de Colmar 35 km 7h Download

Circuit from the Sundgau to the Vosgian Peaks, from Altkirch to Metzeral

20 to 30 km stages; 4 to 6 days

In the north of the French Jura, the Sundgau reveals an incredible variety of landscapes: valleys, meadows as far as the eye can see and cool spinneys. Two or three days later you are in the hills of the Vosges with singing rivers, welcoming inns and wonderful panoramas over the plain of Alsace. A delight for all five senses.

Nom du circuit Kilomètres Durée Télécharger
Bourbach-le-Haut-> Willer-sur-Thur 18 km 4-5h Download
Bretten-> Bourbach-le-Haut 17 km 3h Download
Buhl-> Willer-sur-Thur 26 km 5-6h Download
Markstein -> Metzeral 23 km 5h Download
Markstein -> Willer-sur-Thur 30 km 7h Download
Metzeral -> Markstein 17 km 5h Download
Spechbach -> Bretten 17-18km 4h Download
Willer-sur-Thur -> Bretten 25 km 5-6h Download
Willer-sur-Thur -> Markstein 28 km 6h Download


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