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Europa-Park: one of the world's finest amusement parks

Located around 50 km away from Strasbourg, Europa-Park is one of Europe's finest amusement parks. What's more, the reputed economics magazine Forbes rates this park among the world's top 10 for its originality and history. Europa-Park has enjoyed great success, with almost 4 million visitors per year, who can discover the park via its 11 "districts" each of which represents a different European country.

Breathtaking attractions!

Visitors can choose between more than a hundred attractions on this huge 70-hectare site. One of the best-known is the Silver Star. This is the largest attraction of its kind in Europe, with a top speed approaching 130 km per hour. As you travel up the 73 m of the rollercoaster ride, you can literally feel your adrenaline rising. The car gently climbs its way to the top for around a minute, during which the passengers are virtually horizontal, before suddenly presenting you with the 67° drop in front of you! Other hair-raising attractions can also be enjoyed here including a rollercoaster in the dark, a bobsleigh ride or a frantic high-speed raft ride (perfect for cooling off during the summer) and many more. Children will love crashing down into the whirling waters onboard a huge tree trunk.