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Wine and gastronomy Alsace, a wine region

Alsace's wines are white wines that stand out thanks to their freshness and delicate and intense aromas of fruits, flowers and spices, or mineral nuances. The vibrancy and purity of the wines of Alsace are closely linked to their origins: a favourable climate, terroirs of exceptional geological diversity and exacting wine-making expertise.

From dry and classically elegant to powerful and smooth, the wines of Alsace combine surprisingly well with all different types of dishes, from seafood to white meats and from international cuisines to cheeses and desserts, not forgetting apéritifs.

Alsace is an exuberant natural setting, a generous garden that produces a range of unrivalled wines.

The particular features of Alsace's terroir are based partly on climatic conditions and favourable exposure to the sun, and partly on the geological diversity, unique in France and probably the world over, of the wine-growing area.

Alsatian wine growers express the qualities of their region through their practices, knowledge and awareness, giving the wines of Alsace their characteristic personality:

fresh, fruity, pure and intensely aromatic white wines. The intense sensory qualities of the wines of Alsace make them perfect for sharing.

Depending on the grape varieties, they can be both dry and light, or more intense and powerful.

  • Alsace Pinot Blanc: Soft and delicate
  • Alsace Sylvaner: Light and fresh
  • Alsace Riesling: Dry, delicate and extremely elegant
  • Alsace Muscat: Crisp, fresh and fruity
  • Alsace Pinot Gris: Opulent and round with a long finish
  • Gewurztraminer: Powerful and highly aromatic
  • Pinot Noir: Alsace's only red wine; fresh, light and fruity

Crémants d’Alsace are lightly sparkling wines produced in accordance with the traditional method of a second fermentation in the bottle. Crémants d'Alsace are the second most popular quality sparkling wines in France after champagne.

Finally, we come to the smooth and syrupy Vendanges Tardives (Late Harvests) and the Sélections de Grains Nobles (Selection of Noble Grapes), powerful and complex wines that have a remarkably long finish!

This diversity allows the wines of Alsace to be well-suited to all different kinds of cuisines, accompanying both elegant, delicate dishes and those that are strong and powerful, as well as combining the varied flavours of French classics with a wide variety of international cuisines.

Appellations d'Origine Contrôlées (AOC) impose strict and rigorous regulations in order to preserve this richness and authenticity, placing the wines of Alsace within an ambitious setting.

Loyal to their traditions and harmonious natural backdrop, the wines of Alsace invite everyone to enjoy their sensory experiences.


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