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Maison Suisse à Wimmenau et Conservatoire du patrimoine rural des Vosges du Nord

Rue Principale
67290 Wimmenau
Maison de l'histoire & traditions de la Hte-Moder
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Located in the centre of the village, the patrimonial complex comprises a 17th - 18th century half-timbered house, a 19th century forge and outbuildings housing an oil-mill and collections of artefacts. The village was levelled during the Thirty Years' War (except for the 12th - 13th century bell-tower). Mid-17th century, it was settled by Swiss immigrants from the Bern area (Allenbach, Scherer). The latter built the half-timbered house in 1669. It was altered in 1718 and 1800. The house is divided by a partition wall. The façade bears two moralizing inscriptions. The building was restored to its original state, with the dark-colored sandstone door- and window- frames, the clay or sandstone intervening sections with a black border, the gray-stained wooden skeleton. Archeological evidence has been preserved. One of the outbuildings houses an oil mill in operation until the mid-20th century, producing rape- or nut-oil. It was entirely restored by the association. The wooden drive is very ingenious and most interesting. The members of the association have been collecting and preserving artefacts connected with rural life: tractors, agricultural machinery, craftsmen's and loggers' tools, furniture and objects used daily by the people and traditions.

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Languages spoken : Français

Package visits offered: Guided tour for groups with reservation

Length of visit/event: 2h

Facilities: Private car park

Rue Principale
Situé au Centre du village
67290 Wimmenau

Tél : 03 88 89 70 77
Fax : 03 88 89 83 00
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Location: In the town/village centre

Altitude (m): 211

Accessibility: By car all year round

Opening hours: Free visit by appointment. Contact us 03 88 89 81 04.

Methods of payment: Cheque, Cash

Booking necessary: Yes