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Mountain bike route: Firstacker Route

Cave du Vieil-Armand
Route des Vins
68500 Wuenheim
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With this itinerary you will climb the ridges passing close to the historical site of Vieil Armand, at the Zeller canteen. You will then return to the Amic Pass and the Firstacker, where you can visit the Sudel Chapel at an altitude of over 1,000 m. You will climb back down toWuenheim, passing through Ste-Anne on the way.

Level: Very Difficult
Start: Soultz/Wuenheim – Vieil-Armand Winemaking Cellar
Distance: 27.70 km
Difference in altitude (positive gain): 968 m
Communes crossed: Wuenheim, Hartmannswiller, Goldbach-Altenbach and Soultz Upper Rhine.

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Languages spoken : Français

Catering on spot: Yes

Length of visit/event: Half-day

Level of difficulty: Experienced

Venue of the event: Cave du Vieil-Armand

Route des Vins
Cave vinicole du Vieil-Armand
68500 Wuenheim

Location: At the edge of the forest

Altitude (m): 295

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