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Schoppenwihr Park

68126 Bennwihr Gare
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Park listed as remarkable garden and as first botanical and organic garden in France. Schoppenwihr is a forty hectares romantic garden, which makes good use of ponds, rivers and fields to create the most beautiful landscape.
Chaotic at first, the walking way is an amazing series of spaces: majestic path, gardened main courtyard, ruins of a castle, ponds, vast blossomed meadows and fields are parts of the whole decor.
The park gives the impression that nature can be tamed with kindness and that paradise on Earth is possible. The giant trees of Schoppenwihr are well-kept and exhibited as a work of art, absolutely to see.

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Languages spoken : Anglais

Package visits offered: Free visit, Guided tour for individuals with reservation

Animals accepted: No

Length of visit/event: 1h30 min

68126 Bennwihr Gare

Tél : 03 89 41 22 37
Fax : 03 89 41 48 81
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Location: Plain

Altitude (m): 181

from the 01/04/2019 to the 01/11/2019

Opening hours: from 14.00 to 18.00

Rates in €:

Adult rate7

Discounted rates:

Free for children (age limit)12 ans

Period of validity

from the 01/04/2019 to the 01/11/2019