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The European Parliament

Allée du Printemps
67000 Strasbourg
Parlement européen
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Founded in 1979, the European Parliament has been home to 785 Euro MPs representing the 27 countries of the European Union since 1 January 2008. Here, they vote on legislation concerning the environment, labour, equality etc. The sittings are held 4 days a month in Strasbourg. The building of the European Parliament called "Louise-Weiss" after the oldest member who gave the opening speech at the 1st session of the Parliament. It is made up of 2 buildings, an ellipsis and a circle representing the exchange between democracy and power. The ellipsis, housing the vast hemicycle, is made of glass and metal and sits on the banks of the river Ill. In the centre, the second building contains the MEPs' offices. In the evening, the transparency of the Parliament means you can admire a play of light, which may of course vary with the intensity of the debates inside!

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Allée du Printemps
67000 Strasbourg

Tél : 03 88 17 40 01
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Opening hours: Visites pour groupes : du lundi au vendredi midi. Visites pour individuels : du lundi au samedi. Jours de fermeture en 2019 : 19/04, 20/04, 22/04, 23/04, 01/05, 09/05, 18/05, 30/05, 31/05, 10/06, 15/08, 01/11, 02/11, 21/12 et du 23/12 au 02/01/20 inclus.