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Neuf-Brisach Fortified Town

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Office de Tourisme du Pays de Brisach
6 Place d'Armes
68600 Neuf-Brisach
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Neuf-Brisach is the Citadel of the Sun King since it was founded in 1699 at Louis XIV's behest. Today, it is considered as Vauban's masterpiece. Its architecture is unique in Europe, and the Citadel is listed as part of the world Heritage by UNESCO. Its parade ground, pure lines, 48 quarters forming a perfect octagon and bastion fortifications make it unique in its kind. To make the most of your visit, follow the blue line for a tour of Vauban's work. A lovely stroll at the heart of history!

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6 Place d'Armes
Palais du Gouverneur
68600 Neuf-Brisach

Tél : 03 89 72 56 66
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Altitude (m): 195

Accessibility: By bus