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The Remparts Vauban

Boulevard Vauban
67600 Selestat
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The remparts were constructed between 1675 and 1691 by order of the Louis XIV designed by Vauban and built by Jacques Tarade. They closely followed the pattern of the original medieval walls. Three monumental gates give access to the outside : the Strasburg Gate, still intact, the Breisach gate and the Colmar Gate. These fortifi cations were twice subjected to a siege (1814-1815) but were dismantled in 1874 after the capture of the town by the Germans. Two bastions in the south of the town are the visible remnants of these fortifi cations. One of them shelters a masterpiece of contemporary art ordered by the town “The dream” by Sarkis (1993).

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Boulevard Vauban
67600 Selestat

Location: In the town/village centre